torsdag 7 mars 2013

EU bans pornography?

You think that Icelands ban on Internet porn is ridicolus and patronizing? Yeah, it is. It's an example on politicians believing that their personal taste is an universal truth which all other citizens should obey to. It's an example on policymakers forgetting the long hard road that our ancestors had to walk and all the struggles they had to fight to give us the relative freedom we enjoy today. It's an example on people confusing moral panic with gender equality. Most of all, it's a hard blow to the freedom of speech, sexual freedom and artistic freedom that we associate with our democracy and the modern open society. It's a move towards authoritarian censorship and moralist rule. But sadly enough... it's not an exception to the general trend. All over the western world, policy makers are working eagerly to dissassemble our freedoms. The last example of this nasty trend is a proposal which bears the deceptive title Eliminating gender stereotypes in the EU. "Eliminating gender stereotypes"? Sound nice and well meaning doesn't it? No, it doesn't! The proposal actually has nothing to do with gender equality. It's a badly disguised attempt to censor media, art and the whole Internet under the cloak of "eliminating sterotypes". It's broad and vague enough to even include photos you take of yourself and send to friends, as well as simple text messaging. In the "report" we find a call to enforce a carpet ban on pornography, across "the media". In other words; a general ban on pornography. Call me a killjoy, but I think that because this is not to my taste, no one else should be able to enjoy it! (Marge Simpson) Read more about this terrible proposal (and how to take action against it) on Rick Falkvinges webpage or here and here. Shout out loud - make your voices heard. Tell the parliamentarians to kill this vicious assault on our freedom. The open society we live in is something historically unique and precious enough to be worth defending with our lives. Don't let our ancestors struggles go down in vain!

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