onsdag 17 april 2013

Please, help Xiaoyun Yang and her rescued animals!

From FACLC: A run-down yard in the Dongli District of Tianjin named “Common Home" (共同家园) is home to more than 1500 stray dogs and cats. The individual who took all of them in and cares for them is a 63 year old retired school teacher. Her name is Xiaoyun Yang (杨晓云). /.../ Ms Yang was one of the activists who stopped some of the many "meat dog trucks". She paid dog and cat meat traders to save the animals from been slaughtered for food. She didn't even negotiate with the traders, because she was afraid that the animals would be killed if she didn't agree to their first asking price. Meanwhile, she continues to bear criticism from people who doubt and question her intentions. Some have even accused her of "animal cruelty and trade". It is not easy to rescue stray animals in China, and it sometimes makes her feel very helpless./.../ Fortunately, there are caring people who are regular volunteers at the "Common Home". Help and donation from volunteers and other loving individuals are the main sources that are keeping the shelter running. However, a shelter with over 1200 dogs and cats runs on a heavy budget. Common Home's current annual rent is over $4,700 USD. Food and medical supplies cost more than $6000USD each month. Aside from a continual shortage of funds to just keep the animals alive, the shelter is also desperately in need of a new location. The current site is under the city's demolition plan, and she must soon find a new place for all of the animals. Please read more about how to help Ms. Yang and her shelter here. Related: The Kunming dog rescue.

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