torsdag 13 juni 2013

Turkish Prime Minister ...

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatens to stamp down on the protesters in Gezi Park with full force. Maybe tonight? Maybe tomorrow? He has already shown willingness to use ruthless police brutality against his critics. My thoughts are with the protesters in Gezi Park - not only defending one of Istanbul's last green havens but also fighting for civil liberties and the right to live their own lives. With their bodies as only armor. Stand strong, defenders of Gezi, the free world is on your side!
If you like my blog - please support one of my other projects. I have started a crowdfunding-campain to fund the biography about the Swedish rebellious rock artist Eddie Meduza (Errol Norstedt). The world need more people like him - not taking orders from anyone, never bowing down. He was against all authority and took a serious beating from the Swedish elite for that impudence. He was boycotted, blacklisted, mocked by the media and the official society. But he never bowed. This book must come out. People must take a lesson from his life. Please support this project. Every single dollar counts and makes a real difference!

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